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The Child & the Emperor- Epilogue


"Wait, that's  it?"

Yeah, pretty much.

Err, haven't you read what I said before? Its not a story per se, but a narration by our Prophet p.b.u.h.

"Well that's the point right? There must something behind it. I'm sure you have something to say about the Ghulam, Emperor & the Kingdom & the merchants & the parent's of Ghulam &..."


"In your own words, 'preserved by our ulama to finally arrive in our arms, embraces the message of Islam that is eternal and universal?' must have something to with our times right?"

Can you give me a hint? Just a little hint?

"Haisy! There must be a reason why the Quran & our Prophetic Hadith ambiguate the identity of the characters in every history records they contain."

Good point there. I like the term history records that just story.

"Its as if the Quran and Hadith are telling us that all of us can fit into their description. The two sources only elicits their nature & characteristics."

So let me ask you this; which character relates to you the most?

"Well, i'm a student."

Yes, and?

"I think i relate most to Ghulam."

Why is that? (Whoa, i'm like a therapist!)

"I see myself when i see Ghulam. Being in this 'country' me and most of the people of my age were kind of forced into going to school."

Kind of you say?

"Of course our parents & teachers said that good education paves a way for a brighter future but i doubt that. After taking UPSR, PMR, SPM & now i'm in college, what i can say is that we're being groomed into being tools. Just like Ghulam was."

You mean our university is like the Kingdom?

"I won't go that far saying that the university is selling us ideas of Shirk. I'm just saying that right now we're being hypnotized into thinking that getting good grades is the sole mean to achievement right now. Just look at your relatives & friends reaction when they hear you're not in any college & university after you've finished school!"

"What's more, we're like being controlled by the idea that if you drop out of university or fail the exams then you're just nothing. We all end up following the goals & expectation of those we presume hold the key to our future. We're told what to do & are being insisted that what we're doing is right."

So then we have inividuals who don't think for themselves. They become slaves and victims of those who hold power & influence right?

"Exactly! Whenever we try to get involved in something other than academics, our friends, parents, lecturers all smirk. How does this improve your grades? Will it give you better chance of employment? We all become afraid of going against the majority despite knowing that there's more to life than this. I'm sick of this stuff!"

Okay, okay, calm down bro/sis (you can put your name here). So do you mean right now you want to quit this education system which is full of hypnotism. magic & sorcery? If i'm to quote you correctly that is.

"To me quitting isn't a good choice. Ghulam himself didn't just quit his lessons even though he knew everything the Sorcerer taught him was so messed up in oh-so-many levels; if I'm to quote you correctly.

He still put up with the beatings & abuse by the sorcerer plus his parents."

Why do you think Ghulam would tolerate such abuse, despite knowing & being confident that he's right? 

"Being right doesn't validate a person to go all mighty & proud. Ghulam's parents raised him to he was, it's not right to just put aside what they've done for us all these years making sure we get the best in terms of necessities.

It's matter of being courteous & grateful. That should be the attitude of someone who is truly holding on to Truth."

How about the empire or university or country in our context? Why didn't Ghulam just pack up & just run away to the sunset?

"Running away won't solve anything if not everything. Ghulam knew for a fact that leaving behind the kingdom won't guarantee him safety from other threats outside the walls. Who can be sure that the grass is greener on the other side? We should stand our ground & think of a way to deal with the situation at hand.

Ghulam even used the opposing team's home ground to his advantage. People acknowledge him as being someone in the kingdom. What he does, what he drinks, heck i bet what brand of toothbrush he used would be the standard people look up to.

If someone of that stature was to follow truth, despite having the world hell bent on erasing it, they will follow that someone. He has the trust of the people. That's why they were even brave enough to die in the firepits than live as a Musyrik.

So he followed the rules, obeys the system, but in the end used it against the kingdom."




"Err, Bro Hazwan? You okay?"


Erm, just.

Please tell me more.

"What's more to tell? I think that's all the behind the scene stuff I can siphon from the story, oops, history records."

Let me ask you one final question then.


Do you honestly believe we're living in a time free of Syirk?

"Well, i think so."

If that's the case what would you call people who intentionally postpone their akhirah for the things at hand? Those who put work, study, entertainment well above the need for their ibadah. Do you still call that Tawheed?

I won't be bold enough saying that we're living in times of parents, university & country seeping with Falsehood, but I can say without any doubt we're not doing a good job of preserving our Truth; Tawheed.

& that would be the start of our downfall. Leaders who fool themselves. Leaders who fool their people. People who are afraid to stand up due to not knowing, not believing, not fighting for a true cause.


"So what should we do now?"

Search for that purpose, that truth. 

Believe in it. 

Fight for it. 

That was what Ghulam did. 

That is what the Prophet p.b.u.h. wants us to do.

"Eh Bro Hazwan? Where are you going?"

There's nothing left to say. 

Nothing left to tell. 

You & I already know what must be done.


"But i still don't what I should do!"


Kalau korang x boleh tangkap or catch up dengan entry ni, feel free to refer to the links below. All according to their order. If you still can't grasp the plot, refer to Surah al-Burooj & the Hadith regarding Ghulam & the Emperor here.

Hope Allah guides me in making these. He knows just how much i went through to make these posts really count.

Hope He guides you guys too with it.

Okay, new series coming soon!


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