Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Child & the Emperor- Whispers in the Wind


It was a nice day, in a marketplace inside the city. Everybody was chatting loudly over the news. It was no longer a trade of items, rather of information;

"Hey, did you know some of the palace people went out yesterday?"

"Yeah, i've been hearing stuff. They say Ghulam's with them too."

"Where do you bet they're going?"

"Beats me, but i can safely say its not on a pleasure cruise. "

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, for starters, Ghulam was being escorted like a prisoner not as the sorcerer. I don't know about you, but I feel something is happening in this kingdom. & its BIG! I've never seen anything like this in my whole 10 years of selling cabbages inside these walls!"

"Yeah, still trying to say your greens are the best eh? Over my dead body! My produce uses premium fertilizer, plus..."

"Hey guys, did you know the palace people are going out again?"

"Really? So now the fishmonger joins the fray. Where are they going?"


"The first time I snivelled among the guards they said they were going to the mountains. This time they're going to the port. With full blown guards if i might add."

"Don't you feel its strange that the people going out with Ghulam never came back?"

"What do you mean?"

"Those palace guys i saw today weren't the same ones that went out the other day. & You wanna know what's weirder?"


"After each outing it seems only Ghulam was the only one who managed his way back. With a look on his face that made me tremble."

"What do you suppose happened when they were going to the places they were going eh? Heck, why were they going there in the first place?"



"Err, guys."

"Yeah? Fishmonger?"

"I'm not fond of rumors but I think the emperor's trying to get rid of the kid."

"What? For what reason? Didn't he just proved how much his worth? Is the emperor nuts or something?"

"Keep your voice down dimwit! Our heads gonna roll if any of the guards heard that! Wait, on second thought speak louder. Finally I can sell my cabbages in peace."

"But i think it fits the picture though. The outing party looks more like a escort to an execution above anything else. I don't think they're going out for sight seeing also. The mood of the crowd just ain't right."


"Hey, hey. What's that sound?"

"It's the Royal Guards. That horn means there's a gonna be a mass."


"Better pack up your things boys, I think we're gonna have our questions answered."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Child & the Emperor- Aftermath


From the top, now the bottom. Such is the life of a true believer 

"Ookay, how did i end up in this mess?"

I think that summarises what Ghulam was thinking as he lay chained & ALONE, in one of the Emperor's dungeons.

"Never thought a small pebble would cause so much trouble."

What pebble you ask? Well, remember the incident involving that beast which was harassing the cityfolk? Okay, you can go here if you want to recap.

Well, let's just say that people didn't just leave Ghulam alone after seeing him put off a beast with a puny pebble.

Under the impression that Ghulam had mastered the art of sorcery, people came flooding to him with requests, favours and maybe even 'merisik' (Remember, he is young and is going to be part of the ruling administration. Who wouldn't want him right?)

From small complaints such as headaches, fevers, to astonishing almost miraculous feats; a blind man was given the gift of sight.

And this man was no any old Abu or Osman, but the minister of the kingdom.