Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go Home


You're tired aren't you?

How about some rest in that comfy chair you used to slouch in?

Still no rest?

How about the one eyed ogre who always tells you great tales and wonders?

Not interested in fantasies and myths you say?

Then how about that plush bed you've always slept on?

Enough nearing the borders of death you say?

Then what do you desire o self in your forever wanting state?

What will make you silent and satisfied with the things you have and did?

See, hear and feel, is it not near what you crave?

It is near than the clothes that touch your skin or the veins that keep you awake.

You want a home that is not the home you are in.

Go back.


HE is there.

Only then will you feel at home, anytime, anywhere.


  1. " Home of soul & tarbiyyah, like Arqam b Abi Arqam's house.."

    Even we are in a time of fitnah,May Allah make us from amongst those who follow the sunnah's of the prophet Muhammad.