Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Child & the Emperor- The Original Plan


Okay, where were we?

Owh yes, I made promise before didn’t I? About telling you guys the tale of the child and emperor right?

If you’ve forgotten don’t worry la, you can read it here.

So, why am I narrating this story?

Probably because I have nothing better to do, that’s why. Hoho, now there’s an evil impression to make yes?

Maybe because I know that’s why I want to share, still it’s a weak reason. Some people know but they don’t even have the slightest whim of letting others enjoy the information they have.

How about because I can, just because I know this something called internet and they have this something called blogs and I like to type. Naaah, I don’t think so. I’m better off surfing the web than making this post, which I know less than 1 percent of internet users would even care to read.

’Just tell us will ya? The suspense is killing me!’

Hehe. Now that’s a reaction I’m hoping y’all are having.

People stand out and voice out what’s in their hearts because they know it’s important and valuable. 

Regardless whether those around them heed their call and warning, they do it because they care for the well-being of those close to them.

I want to tell because I want Allah to know I care for this ummah.

And our prophet has said truly;

Those who rise for the morning without a care for the matters concerning their people (Muslim ummah) are not from them (Muslim)

(Riwayat At-Tabrani)

If that didn’t send a chill down your spine I  don’t know what will. So guys, here goes nothing!

The tale was told by our Prophet Muhammad SAW to his companions. Now the companions loved to hang around the Prophet, even more than their families and friends. And they didn’t converge for the tarik, roti prata with telur or for EUFA football match no, when the companions hang out with the Prophet they were searching for solace and guidance, something the Prophet is full of I assure you.

Our Prophet is also not a bard, telling far-fetched stories just to entertain and to fill time. His stories were also true accounts of events that has happened or bound to occur in the future. Meaning, the tales told by our Prophet is more important and should be more exciting to us than any movie involving dream jacking, or a broken child who swore to fight crime after seeing his parent killed by becoming a crime fighting billionaire playboy, or any lame superhero or lewd ‘superheroines’. I’ll get to this topic later maybe, but man I’m mad!

The child mentioned by the prophet was the smartest boy in the country. Kire macam best student exam SPM kebangsaan la. This is because he enrolled for an exam held by the empire. Why would the empire hold an exam and for what you ask?

Well you see, the emperor didn’t become emperor because of his good looks or by becoming the best orator or upholder of justice and freedom. He had some help from an old friend of his the sorcerer. This sorcerer guy wasn’t a run of the mill kind of magician who would pull a bunny from his magic hat mind you, he performed great illusions that would scare the daylights out of the people in the country. And through that fear the emperor ruled supreme over his subjects, threatening them with great consequences if they showed even the slightest sign of rebellion.

 “Hey, if the sorcerer can do that much to us, just imagine what the guy he’s obeying is capable of!”

"Wanna see a magic trick boy?"-The Sorcerer
I think that sums up what the common people were thinking of if they ever wanted to go up against the big guy. And a big guy he is! The emperor was so conceited with his status he declared himself as a god! Ordering people to obey him as a divine entity not just a steward of the state and be worshipped. GOD COMPLEX. I think many of these emperors are suffering from this disease, ugh.

"My rule shall be absolute!"-The Emperor
So what’s the relation between the emperor and sorcerer with the exams?

The sorcerer unfortunately was about to retire. Hey, I think everyone can agree it’s a stressful job serving a guy who thinks he rules the world. With his age and senses becoming less and less apt for the job at hand, he proposes that the emperor search for his replacement and that replacement better be the best because this position isn’t just as a lackey in the palace.

“ You’re searching for someone who will make sure your presence is felt by everyone below you! If you get just an average kid to do this job, you can kiss your throne goodbye my emperor!”

Told the sorcerer to the emperor, or something like it.

So the exams were held, attracting the attention of many hopeful parents that their child becomes the next big sorcerer. So this particular child which I will henceforth call Ghulam became that Special One. The inheritor of the mantle of illusions, The Cornerstone of the Emperor, The Fright of the Night. Okay, I’m making these up but rest assured people were already giving nicknames to Ghulam because of his future.

So that’s the deal behind the exams, who the Child was and why the Emperor needed him so badly. Things looked as if they’re going according to the plans of the empire but little do they know that the EMPIRE had a scheme of its own. In the blight of that age, when those who ruled oppressed the weak, the strong trample the weak, injustice crawling the halls and decks of the castles, the child, Ghulam who was supposed to maintain their reign of terror became the savior of the people.

And it all started with a very cunning old man, who has been waiting in the shadows for this moment!

-To be continued-

P/s:-Okay that’s all for this post. Kalau nak makan sesuatu yang sedap, kena makan sikit-sikit. I hope you enjoyed this part of the story coz I was blown away when the hadith was taught to me, somewhere, someplace (Can’t tell you guys, the Empire might be listening!)


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