Friday, October 18, 2013

The Child & the Emperor- The Deal


"Why you insolent!"

He was just standing there, defiant. With eyes gazing straight at his face, at his soul, at his very essence, piercing the visage he painstakingly constructed. Belittling him in every little way.

Ghulam was in the emperor's court, glancing around the magnificently built room. But the chamber was more silent now. Most of the emperor's allies were cowering in the stands. The absentees, Ghulam knew exactly where they went. Either in the rocky chasms of the mountains or in the bottom of the sea.

"I gave you everything! You were to become my sorcerer! My tool! My regalia!"

The emperor's voice thundered in the castle's now hollowed halls. He regretted sending so many of his royal guards for this measly peasant's execution.

But the party he sent out did make the execution, sort of, like everyone else got their lives taken except for Ghulam.

"What do you posses that protects you from my men?"

The emperor struggled to find an answer, an answer he already knew. This child does not posses anything. This is not sorcery, this is not magic. The child is protected!

But the emperor could not stomach that, oh no. Confiding to that fact only meant one thing; YOU CANNOT EVEN OVERPOWER A CHILD, HOW CAN YOU CLAIM TO BE A GOD?

Ghulam could see it clearly in the emperor's behaviour. He was squirming on his throne. No longer the conceited human he once was. For the first time in his life, he felt insecure. He felt danger. He felt threatened.

What is it that protects you time and time again?

It was the perfect time to strike.

God had directed him on this path. He answered Ghulam's prayer when he was being dragged to the mountains.

"Oh Allah, protect me from them with what You desire."

He protected Ghulam from being flung from the mountains.

He saved Ghulam from being food to the fishes.

& now he has an idea so outrageous, so out-worldy, it would just tip the scales of the balance in the kingdom. The balance of TRUTH & FALSEHOOD.

"Yo emperor!"

The emperor took a glimpse at Ghulam between his fingers, his hands clutching his face; Now what menace does he want to befall my kingdom?

"You won't be able to kill me, unless you do everything I say!"


You would expect the emperor to flip his throne right hearing this? Me, the emperor? Obey you? You worthless piece of...

Yet this time he bowed his head.

"What is it?"

"Gather all of your subjects in a field & you tie me a to date tree trunk. Take one of my arrows and hold it in your bow."

The emperor now attentive to the Ghulam's instructions. One last requirement sealed the deal.

"Then you recite:


and so the people gathered.

All wondering for what purpose are we gathered here? The kingdom has been quite disturbed these past months after Ghulam took the post of great Sorcerer. The rumors of what is happening currently beyond the castle gates also abound.

They saw Ghulam being tide to a tree.

They saw the emperor himself taking to the stands and brandishing a bow & arrow.

"Hey, is that Ghulam's arrow?"

"Wait, why is the emperor doing this? He could've picked any Hussin, Abu or Ali."

Some of them even knew what brought the most powerful man in the land to resort to such actions.

The crowd was silent.

Then they heard crystal clear what the emperor had uttered before an arrow sliced the cold air, scraping Ghulam just below the ear.

Ghulam dropped dead.

But the dead hearts of the people were now set alive.

"The child obviously know something we don't know. We believe the God he believes!"

and the rest, as I shall say simply, was history.


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